Visual/Sound Artist

Flax Art Studios

44-46 Corporation St, Belfast

Northern Ireland, BT1 3DE

"Lock Your Soul In The Brain Of My World...I Promise To Become What I Am Not"

Commissioned by The Black Box + The British Council

Site Specific Permanent Installation

The Green Room, Black Box

Belfast, N. Ireland

Launched: May 2013



Supported by the British Council and The Black Box Helena Hamilton has transformed two corresponding spaces which are often disregarded as merely functional into a monochrome playground of sentimental ideas concerning the role of the individual.  When one area is entered and locked the inidvidual is completely isolated even in the most public of places - only then they are comfortable.  The other is a small intermediary space primarily used to prepare oneself before deciding to exit and continue with their public lives.  The artist states:


"I You We Me are alone in our body, sterile to anyone else's true emotion but our own...never being able to forget about the self within this sentimental playground of life"


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Documentation of Process











'Lock Your Soul In The Brain Of My World...I Promise To Become What I Am Not' was launched with a corresponding text installation 'Untitled (Hope)', quote is the property of Helena Hamilton.


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Helena Hamilton

 - Me

Materials: Black Ink on Wall

Launched with the 14th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast

Corresponding Text and Collaborative Sound Work with Musicians/Sound Artists Gerard Gormley + Shauna Tohill were also exhibited throughout the month

Special thanks to Kathryn Clawson for assisting with this work

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