Visual/Sound Artist

Flax Art Studios

44-46 Corporation St, Belfast

Northern Ireland, BT1 3DE

This work uses repetitive word and the progressive image to explore the idea of self and the deterioration of the individual within this notion. The sound that vibrates from this piece is the artists voice repeating the words “I AM” layered 65 times (the equivalent of the artists weight in kilograms). Sub harmonic generators were then used to create low frequency versions of the original recordings. This sound is played through a single speaker placed in the centre of a white box which takes up a 4 foot square area of the room. Hamilton describes this as the amount of space she feels comfortable in when in a room full of strangers. As the viewer draws closer to this box they can see a small amount of salt (3 kilograms) vibrating due to the sound emanating from the single speaker. The amount of salt that the artist has chosen to place on top of the box is significant, 3 kilograms represents past, present and future - the futility of it all…repetition, uncanny over interpretation and unrealistic expectation being the foundation of this work.


















Photographs courtesy of Jordan Hutchings

"The Weight Of My Soul Keeps Ringing In My Ears"

Sound Installation

Catalyst Arts Gallery

Belfast, N. Ireland

January 2013

Special thanks to Gerard Gormley at Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

and Michael Sampson of MatscaN Music

Salt: 3 Kilograms

Sound: Low Frequency Versions of the Artist's Voice Repeating the Words 'I AM', Layered 65 Times (Equivalent of the Artists Weight in Kilograms)