Visual/Sound Artist

Flax Art Studios

44-46 Corporation St, Belfast

Northern Ireland, BT1 3DE

'Order, Effect'

Solo Exhibition

All works made throughout a 2 month residency at Art Center Ongoing

Tokyo, 2016

A composed sound work made from recordings taken throughout Tokyo

This exhibition is the beginning of a new body of work that I began researching and creating in Tokyo.  Running themes include repetition, simplicity, order and effect;  following the materials - paper (both Japanese paper and regular drawing paper) and sound (a composed work from daily recordings throughout Tokyo and in my studio).


One of my main experiences throughout the two months spent in Tokyo was the juxtaposition of a uniquely defined and extremely successful structure within the masses of people, happenings and places…I have never before experienced order like their was there, where no matter how busy, loud or intense a given space was there was never disorder, and this order was followed in a very diligent and polite manner.  Without consciously meaning to, this became evident in the work that I was producing through different strategic decisions made throughout the process of experimenting and creating whilst following the materials I choose to use.


This work is continuing to develop now that I have returned home.  


I would like to thank Art Center Ongoing, Flax Art Studios, The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and The British Council for giving me the opportunity, time and support to begin creating this new body of work in Tokyo - this time and experience has been invaluable and I am very grateful.

Note: please listen to all audio via headphones or monitor speakers