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Artist Statement

At the core of Hamilton’s practice is the drive towards phenomenological understanding and an experiential challenging of the world around her.  Creating work which is about being in the moment, being present.  Her aim is to uncover the potential and latent energy in a single moment and through doing this challenge how we perceive our realities both sonically and visually in our contemporary fast-paced and ephemeral lifestyle.


Atmospheres are central to her work, using immaterial materials alongside everyday objects, setting up paradoxes between the intangible and physical, and the visual and affective.  Through subtle manipulations of these materials she aims to challenge perspectives, inspire new imagining and facilitate situational awareness. The underlying process of this work is repetition,  and exploring the expressive and meditative effects that occur with repeated acts. Through repetition she accentuates the themes of the everyday and simplicity, using them to construct atmospheres and immersive environments.


Helena Hamilton is an artist who works both visually and sonically. She draws on aesthetics of simplicity - and this is expressed in minimalist forms in her work. Influenced by sonic compositional techniques such as phasing and repetition, Hamilton explores the visual through the sonic and vice versa. Exhibited media include sculpture, installation, drawing, new media, performance and sound.


Belfast based artist, Helena Hamilton, works both visually and sonically, creating work which crosses the lines between object, sound, digital interaction and action/performance.  She received an MA in Sonic Arts (Queens University Belfast, 2014) and holds a BA Honours degree in Fine Art (University of Ulster, 2009).  


Helena is based in Belfast N. Ireland. She has exhibited and performed in both gallery spaces and contemporary music/sound festivals across UK & Ireland as well as Berlin, Rome, Tokyo and New York.


Recent solo exhibitions include: Virtual Matter [Ambient], Naughton Gallery, Belfast, NI (2022); Semblance and Event, Millennium Court Arts Centre, NI/The Agency Gallery, London (2018).  Showcases include: Digital Design Weekend, Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2017).  Recent artist residencies include: Art Centre Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan (2016); Goldsmiths University of London, EAVI Group (2015).

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