Visual/Sound Artist

Flax Art Studios

44-46 Corporation St, Belfast

Northern Ireland, BT1 3DE

'The Butterflies'

Performative Sound Sculpture Using Gesture Tracking and Overhead Projector

All sound originates live from within and around the overhead projector

Programme Designed and Created by Helena Hamilton


1st Performed at Sonorities, Belfast (2014)

Recently shown at Digital Design Weekend at the V&A Museum, London (2017)

Recently shown at Digital Design Weekend at the V&A Museum, London (2017). ‘The Butterflies’ is a work which transforms an overhead projector into a site specific, performative sound sculpture. All sounds originate live from within and around the machine - selection, manipulation and duration of sounds are made via interaction through live drawing. This repetitive, considered visual interaction stimulates sonic variations throughout the duration of the performance.


Self generating performance system designed and created by Helena Hamilton.


Helena states:

"Within my practice, intelligibility in performance is important - clarity of the process, gesture and resulting output is integral.  I strive to create works with a degree of transparency, bringing the viewer/listeners along with me throughout the process.  It is important that regardless of an individuals technical or intellectual knowledge they can still make the relationship between what they see and hear."


Note: please listen to all audio via headphones or monitor speakers

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