Visual/Sound Artist

Flax Art Studios

44-46 Corporation St, Belfast

Northern Ireland, BT1 3DE

'Untitled (When)'

Live Audiovisual Work Composed by Tiredness

All sound originates live from within the fluorescent tube lights

3 Performers

Performed at Sonorities, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast 2015


3 performers

(Performers dressed all in black)

3 fluorescent tube lights

3 lapel microphones (placed inside each tube light)

Self generating performance programme


“Enter the stage of a blacked out room. Walk to your designated fluorescent tube light, facing the audience pick the light up, hold the tube light 2 inches from either end at eye level with the light facing the audience. The composer will turn all the lights on in unison - commencing the piece. Lower the light only when tired, have no expression on your face throughout the time the light is on and only look straight ahead. The performance will come to an end when the composer turns all the lights off in unison - wait until the audio stops before placing the light on the ground and leaving the stage.”

Note: please listen to all audio via headphones or monitor speakers